The website "A Guide To The Recordings of Melanie" was first launched in March 2000 to provide information on the many recordings of American singer and songwriter Melanie Safka. I initially started it to try and clarify some of the confusion surrounding albums and compilations released on CD. In fact, when the site first went live on March 1st, 2000, it was called "A Guide to Melanie on Compact Disc"


The confusion with the albums was due to the way they were being released. A new album would be released, then, a few months later, another one would be appear in another country. It would have a different title but tracks in common with the previous release. Another version might then appear in another country with yet another title and more track changes. Also Melanie is an artist who likes to rework her material and it wasn't always clear which version of a song you would find on an album. As a collector I of course had to have every version of a release.


During the same period CD compilations began to appear in different countries, mainly consisting of the Buddah material.  I bought some initially just to hear the songs on CD. What I found was the quality varied enormously. Some were well packaged with good sound, some were poorly packaged with tracks mis-labelled, some had very poor sound quality and some even had tracks remixed, adding new instrumentation which, for me, completely ruined the original recordings.


I decided all this information needed to be shared with other fans and the best way to do that was to set up a website. There were other Melanie fan based websites around at the time but I felt I could offer something new, so in March 2000 I launched mine.


For the next couple of years, I continued to add to more information on CD albums, compilations and singles as they were released. I then added a song index and started to add lyrics. But in 2002 I decided to revamp the site, moving the emphasis away from just CDs and turning it into a discography. I added details of all the album releases back to 1968, added rare vinyl singles and included a news section. On the second anniversary of the sites launch I uploaded the new version, which is the basis of the site today. Since then it has continued to grow. New albums and re-issues have been added and the information on each album updated to make it more comprehensive.


Melanie has occasionally used the lyrics section to remind herself of the words to a song she hasn't performed for a while. Much to my embarrassment it is usually the song with a mis-type or error in it. In 2009, when Melanie had a three-night residency in London's Jazz Cafe, I had the chance to talk with Peter, who was very complimentary about my website and my knowledge of Melanie’s recordings.


I hope you will enjoy using the site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.




What you will find inside.



The News section has been removed. Information on new and planned releases will now be made via Facebook.



Information on albums, CD compilations, singles (Vinyl, CD and digital) as well as Melanie’s appearances on albums other than her own.



Here you will find an index to the many songs that Melanie has written, recorded or performed live, with lyrics to many of them.



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