Writer: Melanie Safka
Publishers: Two Story Publishing (ASCAP)
From the album CRAZY LOVE (2002)

This house wasn’t so good
Till we moved in and did what we could
Picked up the rubbish
Gave it a coat of paint
We’re gonna do a little more
When things loosen up again
Oh in this house…

In this house in my own room
Where the past and the present
And the coming soon
Go Up together on my bulletin board
I wanna hang a little picture
Gonna put up my award
Oh in this house…

Sooner or later
Everybody settles in
The chances were greater
Of Living free if we didn’t
But sooner or later everybody settles down
With me it was better
To wait until now
In this house…

The people before us
Their family had grown
They said they rattled in the rooms
Since their kids moved on
They planted a tree
When their first was born
They’re gonna leave it behind
Like the house with too much room
In this house…

Sooner or later everybody moves on
Easier said and much harder done
But sooner or later everybody says goodbye
I never know whether
To laugh or to cry
In this house…

You get a little lease
You get a turn
They plant a little something
Then you move along
Just like the house
Oh in this house

Oh this house
They’re singing in the halls
And if these walls could talk about it
Oh this house