Writer: Melanie Safka
Copyright © Melanie Safka
Unrecorded Song

You don't sweat
Your body’s never wet
Your hair ain't ever out of place
Your fashionably thin
And you always wear a grin
You never had a pimple on your face, oh no-oo

You’re lookin' at me as though nothing ever happens
I'm the one something happened to
Maybe nothin’ ever happened to you

You’re looking at me as though nothings ever been done
I'm the one something’s been done to
Maybe nothin's ever been done to you

You always wear what's in
You play a game to win
And there's no doubt that your headed for the top
You’re the backgammon champ**
And your fashionably camp
But I wonder if you'll ever feel enough to stop
…on your ruthless climb to becoming the Dewar’s Profile of the month
Long enough to listen to me while I say to you...

You’re lookin’ at me as though nothin’ ever happened
You’re lookin’ as though you haven’t been through
All the things that happened to me and you

You know, I always wondered about people like you
Maybe nothing ever happens on the inside of you-oo-oo-oo-oo
Maybe nothin’ ever happens to you

**in some live version the line is sung as “You’re the Trivial Pursuit Champ”