Written by Melanie Safka
Copyright Melanie Safka
Unreleased song

Time goes by the inch and I work it by the mile
Gonna have to go much faster if I'm gonna get there
And there's a distance to cover or just some space to fill
Both are just ideals and ideals aren't very real to me anymore

Lifeline, Lifeline

I loved you with abandon, I was careless with my life
Gonna have to lose this heartache if I'm gonna get there
Every mamma has got to leave her baby in mid-flight
That's part of the deal and that deal is very real to me tonight

Lifeline, Lifeline

Ain't goin' home, no
And I never could decide
This indecision has got me goin' down
If this is save me
Lord you know I tried
Stuck in the middle mister
Wont you give me a little . .

Lifeline, Lifeline

I lied to the mirror, I was talking to the wall
I'm gonna have to give an answer if I'm gonna get there
And I look through the window of total recall
And I never lost my vision, but what I see just isn't clear to me anymore

Lifeline, lifeline