Writer: Melanie Safka
Publishers: Bienstock Publishing Company (ASCAP)/EMI U Catalog In (ASCAP)/Quartet Music (ASCAP)

Johnny Boy, my friend
It is the end
Of the summertime
And the wine
In the tree
You and me
You recall all the tears
I had fears
You could not stop them from falling
Johnny Boy, my friend
They're falling again

Johnny Boy, my friend
Stop them again
For a lonely girl
In the world
Of the stone buildings
That would turn brown
If they were born
In the town
Where the trees are grown
Johnny Boy, I'm all alone
Please take me home

Johnny Boy, my friend
Please hold my hand
In the middle of the night
When the world crashes
With all its might
Johnny Boy, if you had pain
I would do the same
Johnny Boy, my friend
You gotta help me again