Writer: Melanie Safka
Publishers: EMI April Music Inc (ASCAP)
From the album PHOTOGRAPH (1976)

I'm so blue
What happened to me shouldn't happen to the worst of you
What can I do to prevent you from going thru
What I've been going thru
Momma told me this man would leave me eventually
I couldn't see the trees from the forest or
How does that saying go
I'm so blue

Since you're gone well to tell you the truth I feel I can't go on
Where love has gone there's the emptiest feeling in all of this world
I'm a lonely girl

I'm so blue
There are no warning words that we'll listen to
Nothing I can do to prevent you from going thru what I've been going thru
I'm so blue...I'm so blue...I'm so blue

For my mother, who taught me never to sing or make love unless I meant it; because I never thanked her on an album before, and because I started writing "I'm So Blue" for her thirteen years ago.