Writter: Melanie Safka
Copyright © Melanie Safka
Single (digital download only)

Happy Christmahanavaloween

When labor day is over it begins

One greeting card to cover everything

Confusing yes, no one will guess

We left out Kwanzaa


Christmahanavaloween, it stirs

Accounts are overdrawn as seasons blur

Swear your love in chocolate things

Just buy it

After this is over we are going on a diet


Brotherhood and love and candy corn

Santa drank a Coke when Christ was born

Some good must come from all this effort, surely

The malls are packed

We’re back in black

Does anyone get what they really wanted


“And what I wanted was, you know,

that story where the girl has beautiful long hair

and she sells her beautiful long hair

to get her boyfriend a gold chain for his pocket watch.

 And he sells his pocket watch to get her a barrette for her hair.

Well that’s what I really wanted”


“Yeah Baby ! Maybe next year.”


Happy Christmahanavaloween

One greeting card to cover everything

Happy Christmahanavaloween

Happy Christmahana

Lets go shopping mama

Happy Christmahanavaloween




There are two version of this song. The first is available as a digital download from Melanie’s Curiosity Shoppe. The second is available as a digital download ftom iTunes and is a different arrangement and also contains the spoken section in the middle