Writer: Melanie Safka with additional lyrics by Jess Leary
Publishers: Two Story Publishing (ASCAP)
From the album  FREEDOM KNOWS MY NAME (1993)

Freedom pulls my heartstrings
As I board another plane
It's not leaving I am wanting
But freedom knows my name

Friends turn into strangers
Strangers can be cold
I've been blessed with angels
At least I'm not alone

And they come to me in a sunrise
In the words of some old song
In the name of all creation
In a life long out of bounds

Freedom knows my name
Freedom knows my name

Tender roots grow deep with longing
To the core of solid ground
Mine go left of center
And slightly off the ground

Through the war torn ages
Scenes of freedom's fight
Drawn on hidden pages
Haunt our dreams at night

Freedom knows my name
Freedom knows my name

To the child without a promise
To the frightened and the tame
Although it's just a whisper
Freedom knows your name