7” Single


A. LA BAMBA  (Valens)

B. SWEET MISERY (Melanie Safka)


Produced and Directed by Peter Schekeryk


Italian single released 1975 by Neighborhood Records

NBH 3534


Quotes from Melanie on La Bamba.


“I even had a hit record in Italy that I didn't know I had (released). I had done 'La Bamba', and it was beautiful, I loved it. We had recorded it in Nashville, and I was on Arista at the time and there were problems with the albums and stuff, and it just didn't get out. Well, it came out in Italy and it was way up in the charts, I mean a hit! Somebody sent me a copy with a picture of myself on the cover, and I never got a penny for it. I don't know how they got the tape. It was never released. It was never even mixed (laughs)” – Interview 1994


“There's a lot of bootleg stuff on me, I had a record out, that I never put out, it was ‘La Bamba’, I recorded it when I was on Arista with Clive Davis, I don't know how this tape came out, but I recorded a version of "La Bamba", in a studio, that we never mixed, never finished, we never released, it came out in Italy, and it was a Number One record, somebody sent it to me, I wouldn't have believed it, because I went to Italy, and having knowing I had a hit record, I would do "La Bamba", but I didn't know, so I'm singing all these songs that nobody ever heard of, but I didn't know, I found out later” – Interview 1996