Filmed at The Queen Elizabeth Hall

London, UK 16th June 2007


Special Thanks To

Peter Schekeryk

Debbie Butler and Jane Beese

The Southbank Centre

Mark Paytress

Stewart Baron

Maggie Hunt

Nicole Franklin



The 400 Company



Bryon Bullock



Dave Murphy

Dave Wilkins

Hugo Levein



Ashley Hall


Executive Producer

Alan Byron



Beautiful People



Someday I’ll Be A Farmer (extract)

Tuning My Guitar (extract)

Hush A Bye


Concert Part I

The Roamer

Someday I’ll Be A Farmer

Beautiful People

And We Fall


To Be The One

Jammin’ Alone

Poet Is King

Brand New Key

I Tried To Die Young

Alexander Beetle

Beau Guitar Solo 1

Beau Guitar Solo 2


Peace Will Come (From the film Glastonbury Fayre)


Concert Part II

Carolina In My Mind

Ruby Tuesday

The Ballad of Crazy Love

Ordinary Rain

What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?

Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)

Motherhood of Love


Smile (Reprise)



DVD Released 1st October 2007



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With guitar in hand, Melanie conquered Woodstock and the original Glastonbury with her poetic song-writing and unique voice. She was once hailed by The New York Times as the female Bob Dylan, and her music has joined together powerful melodies with her reflections on life. Melanie was the first solo pop/rock artist ever to appear at Carnegie Hall and The Sydney Opera House and to date her record sales number more than eighty million.


Throughout her career Melanie has continued to record and tour world-wide, but her fans in Britain have missed out for nearly 20 years. However, Jarvis Cocker’s special invitation for her to open the Meltdown Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London in June 2007 marked her triumphant return. This DVD showcases not only the complete performance, but also her road from Glastonbury to London as this unique songstress tells the story behind her songs.


What the critics said after Meltdown


 “Melanie has earned her place alongside Joan Baez, Judy Collins and Marianne Faithfull in the

 pantheon of iconic female singers - Pierre Perrone, The Independent.


 “On the evidence of tonight, the new material stands up to her considerable catalogue – Melanie

 still has plenty to offer” - Rachel Goldsmith,


 “Her lovely-odd voice is exactly the same” - Helen Brown, The Telegraph




The DVD provides a sort of documentary record of Melanie’s appearance at Jarvis Cocker’s Meltdown Festival in June 2007


It starts with a two-minute sequence filmed on London’s Southbank (outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall) of people enjoying a June day with a soundtrack of Melanie singing Beautiful People and fades to a brief interview. The interview continues into scenes from the sound check and Melanie meeting Jarvis Cocker. During the sound check there are brief excerpts from Someday I’ll Be A farmer, Tuning My Guitar and a performance of Hush-a-Bye as well as more of the interview.


We get a backstage view of a rather nervous Melanie being directed to the stage to receive a rapturous reception from the thousand lucky people who managed to obtain tickets for this sell-out show.  The DVD records just about the entire concert that Melanie performed on that night, though it has been edited to cut out some of chat in between songs. Some times the songs are inter-cut with further selections from the interview. In some cases e.g. Beautiful People and Smile the songs include clips of dancing (and smiling) hippies taken from the film of the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre.


After Beau’s two instrumentals there is more of the interview and film of Melanie singing Peace Will Come in 1971 from Glastonbury Fayre before continuing with the concert.


The DVD is Region Free, Format 16:9, Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo