1. CYCLONE* (4:11)

2. IF I NEEDED YOU* (3:49)

3. THE LETTER* (2:51)


5. NICKEL SONG. Music! Music! Music! (2:49)

6. PHOTOGRAPH (4:01)



7. I'M SO BLUE* (3:27)

8. SECRET OF THE DARKNESS (I Believe) (3:15)

9. SAVE ME (5:55)

10. RAINDANCE* (4:45)

11. FRIENDS & CO (4:21)


Produced and Directed Peter Schekeryk

*Co-Produced by Marty and David Paich


All sections written by Melanie Safka except
The Letter written by Wayne Carson Thompson
Refrain From Music! Music! Music! Written by Stephan Weiss and Bernie Baum

Ruby Tuesday written my Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Miranda written by Phil Ochs
Over The Rainbow written by Harold Arlen and E.Y. “Yip” Harburg


Save Me, Groundhog Day, Photograph and Friends & Co. arranged by David Campbell
All other string arrangements by Marty Paich.


Ahmet Ertegun: Creative Direction
Initial recording at Davlen Studios (Engineer: Tom Knox)

Final recording and all mixing at the Sound Factory by Peter Schekeryk and Gregory “Da Duke” Ladanyi, engineer (assisted by Dennis Kirk)

Save Me was recorded and miced by Joel Soifer at Fidelity Sound Studios


Melanie, Dave Doran, Dean Parks and Louis Shelton: Guitars

David Paich and Jim Drennan: Keyboards

Jay Wolfe, Jerry Scheff and David Jackson: Bass
Jim Gordon, Jeff Porcaro and John Gueren: Drums

Milt Holland, Victor Feldman and Angelo Mauceri: Percussion

Melanie, Carole Parks, Denny Bell & some Edwin Hawkins Singers and “The Hand Made Band” (Jim Drennan, Jay Wolfe, Angelo Mauceri & Dave Doran): Backing Vocals
Art Pepper: Sax Solo on I’m So Blue

Richard Greene: Violin Solos
Robin Williamson: Mandolin solo on Raindance

David Campbell: Viola solo on Raindance


USA & Canada (1976)- ATLANTIC RECORDS SD 18190

Australia (1976) – Neighborhood Records L 36154




Regarded by many as Melanie's finest album, Photograph was critically acclaimed on its debut in 1976 and yet was only ever released in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For reasons unknown Atlantic Records later pulled the album from distribution.


The version of Nickel Song (Music! Music! Music!) was also included on Melanie's 1983 release Seventh Wave.


For the CD release, “PHOTOGRAPH (DOUBLE EXPOSURE) see separate page:

Photograph on CD